let me tell you about tourism places in jogja

Sadeng Beach
Sadeng beach lies on the east end of the beach range in Gunungkidul Regency, known as anationally fishing ship landing port. Located in Songbanyu and Pocung Village, Girisubo sub-district about 50 km from Wonosari, Sadeng
beach is potential with its sea shrimps/lobster and tuna fish exported abroad. Fresh fish and seafood can also be found here.


Baron Beach
This beach forms a bay that protrudes between two green coral ridges. The beach is located about 60 km from jogja. One goes down a winding road through the mountains with lovely panoramas over the green valley besides views of terraced of limestone hills.The beach features the mount of underground rivers.


Kukup Beach
Only 1 kms from Baron beach, Kukup beach can be reached by foot through the path. It has beautiful coral ridge and many tropical fishes.


Siung Beach
Located 35 kms from Wonosari in Purwodadi Village, Tepus, Siung beach is wedged between two hills with steep mountain sides and decorated by range of limestone/karsts hills thah is a good site for climbing.


Cerme cave
Cerme Cave is located  in Srunggo, Imogiri, bantul, 22 Kms from Jogja.It is well known as the place where the Wli Songo began to spread and taught Islam in Java centuries ago. with 1200 m length, Cerme cave has beautiful stalactities and stalagmites with clear and cold water inside the cave.


Borobudur Temple
This glorious Buddhist temple is located 42 kms from Jogja. Built between the year of 750 – 850, Borobudur is a world heritage archeological site which has 7 levels and 1460 carved stone. The illustration carved on the stones illustrated the Buddhist story and reflect life the world before reaching heaven.


Prambanan Temple
Prambanan temple consists of three main temples surrounded by small temples called Pewara. Located 17 kms from Jogja, Prambanan is an inheritance of the Hindus in 9″1 century. Open : Monday – sunday (9am – 5pm)

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